Orthodontics after Covid-19 – Ways we're keeping everyone safe
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  • How We’re Keeping You Safe –Orthodontics after Covid-19

    In this post, we’ll consider the future of orthodontics after Covid-19. As you know, the pandemic has impacted every aspect of society. In health care, this has prompted necessary and strict safety protocols to contain the spread of the virus. Also, we’ve seen an explosion in the availability and use of telemedicine alternatives. 

    At Milestone Orthodontics, we are carefully following safety protocols to protect you and all of our team. Plus, we’re offering new virtual options to make getting started with treatment safer and more convenient than ever.

    As always, Milestone Orthodontics wants to make getting the best treatment as safe, convenient, and affordable.

    Free Orthodontic Virtual Consultations 

    Milestone Orthodontics is pleased to offer virtual consultations to those in the Paramus and West Orange area. As most people are staying at home and online more, it’s the perfect time to make plans for a better future with more smiles!

    New patients love how easy virtual consults are. First, you’ll take some pictures of your smile and send them online. Then, Dr. Milesonte will assess the images. Finally, he’ll contact you with your free smile assessment.

    Although it won’t take the place of an office exam, you can find out if you’re a potential candidate for Invisalign or braces. Also, you can learn:

    • Answers to general questions
    • Find out how long treatment could take
    • Learn about costs and affordable payment options
    • Make plans and schedule your first appointment when you’re ready

    In all likelihood, virtual consultations will remain a permanent option. So, it’s one positive change that makes getting care more convenient and safe.

    Find out more about our free virtual orthodontic consultations here.

    Get started now. Just click on the blue button on the bottom right of the screen. It reads, “Start Your Virtual Assessment!”


    We’re Following Strict Safety Protocols

    We’re following strict safety protocols, such as those recommended by:

    • The American Association of Orthodontists
    • The CDC, OSHA, and the ADA 
    • New Jersey Dental Association
    • Federal and State guidelines

    First, we prioritized urgent and emergency patients. Then, we began accepting patients for non-emergency care as directed by the CDC. 

    As we accept patients, we must screen everyone, including ourselves, for symptoms and risk factors. Also, we’re following stringent disinfection and sterilization procedures and using safety barriers. Plus, we’re wearing PPE like gowns, masks, and shields and may ask you to do so. In addition, we will take your temperature before treatment begins.

    See our questionnaire for examples of the types of questions we ask everyone before they travel to the office. Also, we are asking everyone to sign a Covid-19 consent form.

    We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Together, we can help keep everyone safe so they can get the care they need.

    PPE, Personal Protective Equipment

    Per CDC recommendations, you’ll notice we’re wearing PPE, personal protective equipment. Yes, we look a little funny, but we’re happy to take all steps to ensure your safety. Behind the masks, we’re smiling as we love working with our patients!

    As you arrive at the office, we’ll ask you to temporarily wear a face mask and provide one if you don’t bring your own.

    Hygiene and Disinfection Protocols 

    Milestone Orthodontics is taking extra steps for hygiene. So, you’ll notice we’re:

    • Using safety barriers
    • Sanitizing all touched surfaces
    • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer
    • Wearing and changing PPE frequently

    Using hand sanitizer is an easy step, and we are asking everyone to wash hands in designated areas. Also, we’re taking extra steps to sterilize and disinfect our equipment and rooms.

    Orthodontics After Covid-19

    As you can see, orthodontics after Covid-19 requires following many new protocols. However, we always go out of our way to ensure patients get the best experience possible. Always, ensuring your safety is our top priority.

    Contact us anytime at (201) 845-8411 for our Paramus office, or (973) 325-1777 for West Orange. 

    Alternatively, contact us online here.

    We look forward to making your dream of a perfect smile come true!

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    Find out more about our free virtual orthodontic consultations here.