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  • Prevent Nail Biting says Orthodontist


    Milestone Orthodontics cautions his patients about the danger of nail biting on your teeth. Nail biting is one of the so-called “nervous habits” that can be triggered by stress, excitement or boredom. Experts say that about thirty percent of children and fifteen percent of adults are nail biters, however most will stop chewing their nails …

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    Happy Holidays from Bloomfield Orthodontist


    With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season here, Milestone Orthodontics and our entire staff near Bloomfield want to stop for a moment and extend our best wishes to you, our patients, and their entire families, this holiday season. Milestone Orthodontics wants to help you avoid an orthodontic emergency with a few tips. During …

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    Orthodontist near Bloomfield helps with Smile Makeover

    Are you thinking about a smile makeover?? Milestone Orthodontics has a combination of orthodontic techniques that can be used to achieve a great smile. At our office near Bloomfield, let Milestone Orthodontics show you what braces and other orthodontic products will do to help you achieve that perfect smile. While orthodontic procedures can make a …

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    Bloomfield Orthodontist warns Sports Energy Drinks can cause Tooth Decay

    Is tooth decay or cavities a concern of yours for your teenager?? Milestone Orthodontics in Bloomfield warns that there is special concern for tooth decay and oral health for school-age children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry highlights that tooth/dental decay in kids is a serious problem and urges parents to start early to try …

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    Paramus Orthodontist explains Retainer

    Braces are an investment in your smile. When your teeth reach a desired straightness, you’ll have a beautiful smile, but it’s important to keep it that way! You can accomplish this with a retainer provided by Milestone Orthodontics. A retainer is a small, custom-fit device that reinforces the new position of your teeth after your …

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    Bloomfield Orthodontist warns Dry Mouth can Cause Tooth Decay

    Over 4 million Americans suffer from dry mouth or Sjögren’s syndrome.  Unfortunately, dry mouth can lead to increased oral health problems.  Dr. Milestone from Milestone Orthodontics in Bloomfield explains that when individuals have Sjögren’s syndrome, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks tear ducts and saliva.  This in turn leads to constant dryness. Even though saliva …

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