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  • Summer Care for Braces in Roseland NJ

    Summer has finally come and Milestone Orthodontics in Roseland wants to make sure his patients are ready to take care of their braces. For many parents, sending kids away to summer camp for weeks or even months is a summer tradition. Whether the camp is in Roseland or further away, Milestone Orthodontics wants to make sure their patients understand how to care for their braces. Taking care of your braces during the summer and at camp should not hinder summer fun. Follow some important tips from Milestone Orthodontics.

    Dr. Milestone says it’s important to maintain the same oral care and routine kids have at home while away, so their braces stay in shape. Dr. Milestone and the staff at Milestone Orthodontics recommend giving your child a “braces camp kit” filled with all the necessities related to their teeth. The kit can include plenty of extra toothbrushes and wax in case a wire breaks. The important thing is to maintain clean teeth while you are away from Roseland. If anything were to happen to the braces, inform the counselors so the camp can call Milestone Orthodontics to see if an emergency appointment is necessary. The main thing is for your camper to be comfortable until you resume your regular schedule with Milestone Orthodontist back in Roseland. Just like at-home eating habits, the same instructions are given while away at camp; avoid sticky, chewy, or hard foods.

    Our main goal at Milestone Orthodontics is to make sure your Roseland camper is completely prepared to maintain their braces during the summer months. If you want to schedule a visit before they leave, feel free to stop by or call us! Last but not least, while away at camp, Dr. Milestone says have fun and see you back in Roseland when you return!