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  • Orthodontist Livingston, NJ

    The expertise of an orthodontist Livingston, NJ can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a confident and beautiful smile. Milestone Orthodontics is an expert in the field of orthodontic care in Livingston, NJ. Milestone Orthodontics is a reputable practice having offices in Paramus and West Orange, NJ, committed to transforming smiles and enhancing lives. They provide various services, such as Invisalign, braces, early orthodontic treatment, adult orthodontic treatment, and orthognathic surgery. If you’re looking for an experienced orthodontist in West Orange, NJ, Milestone Orthodontics is the name to trust for exceptional orthodontic care. Let’s explore the world of orthodontics and the outstanding treatment offers.

    Meet the Expert: Dr. Matthew Milestone

    Before delving into the services offered by Milestone Orthodontics, let’s get to know the man behind the practice, Dr. Matthew Milestone. Experienced orthodontist Dr. Milestone is dedicated to providing his patients with high-quality orthodontic care. He recognizes the individuality of each patient and uses a personalized approach to develop treatment plans specific to each person’s requirements and objectives.

    Services Offered

    1. Invisalign: 

    Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontics by offering a discreet and comfortable method of straightening teeth. It is one of the procedures Milestone Orthodontics is especially proud to provide. With the help of traditional braces, Dr. Milestone can help you straighten your teeth without sacrificing your smile. Since Invisalign can be taken out to eat and clean, Invisalign aligners are an ideal choice for teens and adults. They are also virtually invisible.

    2. Traditional Braces: 

    Traditional braces are still a great option for people with more complicated orthodontic concerns, even though Invisalign is an amazing option for many people. To accommodate our patients’ preferences and lifestyles, Milestone Orthodontics offers an extensive range of braces, from metal to ceramic. If you’re searching for braces in Paramus, NJ, Milestone Orthodontics has you covered with a variety of options to suit your needs.

    3. Early orthodontic treatment: 

    Starting orthodontic treatment early can help avoid serious issues in the future. Early orthodontic treatment is available for kids at Milestone Orthodontics, addressing issues like crowding, overbites, and underbites at an early age when intervention may yield the best results.

    4. Adult orthodontic treatment:

    Getting the smile you’ve always desired is never too late. Milestone Orthodontics caters to adult patients because orthodontic treatment can significantly enhance oral health and increase self-confidence at any age.

    5. Orthognathic Surgery: 

    In some cases, orthodontic problems require surgical intervention in addition to teeth that are out of alignment. Dr. Milestone is skilled in orthognathic surgery, a specialized procedure that fixes jaw problems and biting issues. For some with severe orthodontic issues, this surgical alternative may change their lives.

    Orthodontist Livingston NJ

    The Milestone Orthodontics Experience

    Choosing an Orthodontist Livingston, NJ involves more than just the services they offer; it also involves the experience you’ll have throughout your orthodontic journey. At Milestone Orthodontics, the well-being and comfort of the patients come first.

    Personalized Treatment Plans:

    Just as no two smiles are the same, Milestone Orthodontics’ treatment plans are also unique. Before creating a unique treatment plan, especially for you, Dr. Milestone and his staff carefully evaluate your needs and goals.

    Cutting-Edge Technology: 

    Milestone Orthodontics maintains the latest developments in orthodontic technology. They use the most recent technology and techniques, including digital imprints and 3D imaging, to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

    Friendly and Knowledgeable Team: 

    In addition to being highly qualified, the staff at Milestone Orthodontics is also genuinely caring. They understand that visiting the dentist or orthodontist Livingston, NJ can be daunting, particularly for kids and adults who might feel self-conscious about their smile. You may be confident that Milestone Orthodontics will take excellent care of you.

    Convenient Locations: 

    Milestone Orthodontics has two locations close together to serve you better. You’ll discover a warm and welcoming environment waiting for you whether you’re in West Orange or Paramus, NJ. The team is dedicated to accommodating your scheduling needs and ensuring you receive the care you need at a suitable time.


    The first step on your path to a beautiful and confident smile is choosing an appropriate orthodontist. For residents of Livingston, NJ, and the surrounding areas, Milestone Orthodontics is undoubtedly the most suitable option. This practice, which Dr. Matthew Milestone runs, provides excellent orthodontic care, combining expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a dedication to patient comfort.

    Whether you’re thinking about Invisalign, traditional braces, pediatric orthodontic treatment, adult orthodontic treatment, or orthognathic surgery, Milestone Orthodontics has the expertise and dedication to help you achieve your smiling goals. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards your beautiful smile – schedule a consultation with Milestone Orthodontics today, and let them guide you on your journey to a smile that’s truly a milestone.