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  • Dental Apps recommended by Montclair Orthodontist

    Dental hygiene is one area where a lot of us might think we’re doing it right, but Milestone Orthodontics says it never hurts to be sure. Milestone Orthodontics in Montclair says not only is it important to brush and floss every day, but you ought to be doing it correctly to maximize your defense against dental problems. Milestone Orthodontics has found these dental apps help you to do that.

    Brushing DJ App

    Common advice says that you ought to be brushing your teeth for a full 2 minutes at least twice a day. Milestone Orthodontics knows that the 2 minute count is more to make sure that you’re sufficiently cleaning all the surface area of your teeth.  But brushing can be boring, which is why Brush DJ exists. This App will take a random song from your phone’s music library and play 2 minutes of it while you brush. As long as the song is playing, you know that you still have some more brushing to do. The random music selection makes each session a little more exciting – at least more exciting than a regular alarm.  Brushing DJ will also let you set reminders for changing toothbrushes, brushing and flossing, and even visiting the dentist or orthodontist.  

    Cleaning Your Teeth App

    This App will teach you how to brush your teeth with the correct technique.  Cleaning Your Teeth will show you 3D animations on how to properly brush and floss your teeth depending on which tooth you’re working on. Milestone Orthodontics recognizes that there is a difference between children’s teeth and adults. This App lets you toggle between under-18 and over-18 mouths since the proper procedure differs slightly between children and adults.

    Dental Symptom Checker

    Do you love to self-diagnose through WebMD? Who doesn’t! The Dental Symptom Checker app by the American Dental Association will let you do that for all your dental problems straight from your phone. The self-diagnosis quiz is pretty cool. It asks a bunch of easy-to-answer questions and offers a number of potential diagnoses depending on your description of the issue. Of course, Dental Symptom Checker is NOT meant to be a replacement for a true dental checkup. If you suspect a problem, Milestone Orthodontics is always available to consult you. This app also helps you find local dentist in Montclair area.

    Dental Expert App

    Dental Expert is an informative app that compiles top dental questions and answers given by various experts in the field. It’s a nice app to keep installed in case you have questions later. This app offers tips like how to improve your smile and how to prevent bad breath. It offers advice on pertinent topics such as explanations of various dental procedures, how to minimize costs and anxiety, and how to find the right dentist for you.  This app does have some short comings but still worth a look.

    Habit Streak App

    Dental hygiene is all about routine, and routine is built through good habits.  Growing up, we were told to brush twice a day but flossing was rarely mentioned.  Today, the importance of flossing is stressed by Milestone Orthodontics.  Studies have shown that it only takes 21 days to start (or break) a habit. So let the Habit Streak App help start that healthy habit. This app helps you keep track of your flossing habit to make sure you make it part of your daily hygiene. It’s completely free and so useful.

    Milestone Orthodontics thinks you may find these Apps helpful. Milestone Orthodontics in Montclair is always here to help its patients with any dental questions.