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  • Clear Braces in Saddle Brook, NJ

    Are you living in Saddle Brook and interested in straightening your teeth without the unsightly look of traditional metal braces? We at Milestone Orthodontics have the perfect solution for you; clear braces! Clear braces offer the same straightening technique and reliability as traditional metal braces, but they are ceramic and made from a glass-like composite material that appears translucent. This composition allows clear braces to be nearly unnoticeable, and is extremely popular for adults, but can be applied to almost everyone.

    Clear, or porcelain, braces were created with aesthetics in mind. The porcelain brackets are designed to resist stains and the ties are made up of either clear elastic ties or white metal ties. The metal ties provide a stronger bind but sometimes lose the white coating over time. Depending on the coloration of your natural teeth, clear or white ties will be used.

    Clear braces provide the same durability, reliability, and wear as metal braces, but are more visually appealing. The clear or tooth colored braces can give the patient a confidence boost as their teeth are being straightened, but with a less obvious technique. If you are interested in clear braces in Saddle Brook please contact Milestone Orthodontics.