Caldwell Orthodontist awaits Bluetooth Toothbrush -
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  • Caldwell Orthodontist awaits Bluetooth Toothbrush

    Does it seem as if everything imaginable is “connected” nowadays? Milestone Orthodontics in Caldwell has discovered that you can now add toothbrushes to the list of what’s connected.

    At CES, the company Kolibree unveiled what it calls the world’s first connected electric toothbrush.  According to the company, the new connected toothbrush will track user’s dental activity and help people brush smarter which will lead to healthier teeth.

    Milestone Orthodontics says the concept is simple. Users would download Kolibree’s mobile app on their smartphone or tablet and then connect to the toothbrush via Bluetooth. Each time you brush your teeth, the brush will record a set of relevant data, which you can later view and analyze via the mobile app.

    Essentially, the brush records how someone cleans their teeth which you can bring to Milestone Orthodontics. It keeps track of how long the brushing lasted, and how rigorous it was in terms of reaching each and every tooth, and the gums. There’s a bit of gameplay built in as well, which challenges users to do better next time, and the company has created an API, hoping that third-party developers will come up with additional apps that will inspire users to brush more, and more effectively.

    Milestone Orthodontics says the company is planning on releasing several different models of its toothbrush, ranging from $100 to $200, in the third quarter of 2014, with a campaign to start things off. The app will be able to keep data from multiple brushes so that a family can see how everyone else is doing. The data can also be easily shared with friends, your dentist or orthodontist in Caldwell.

    Milestone Orthodontics says it will be interesting to see how the Bluetooth toothbrush is received.  Do the patients at Milestone Orthodontics in Caldwell want a connected toothbrush? It is possible with individuals paying more attention to their health; they will want the benefit of keeping an eye on their teeth and their oral hygiene.

    When and if the Bluetooth toothbrush hits Caldwell, Milestone Orthodontics will advise its patients. In the meantime, keep up your oral hygiene with regular visits to Milestone Orthodontics in Caldwell. Visit us online or contact us to learn more.