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  • Braces Treatment Allendale NJ

    Are you searching for ‘braces treatment Allendale NJ?’ If so, choose the best to get the best experience and results: Milestone Orthodontics. Dr. Milestone has over 30 years of experience serving the Allendale area. Thus, patients of all ages can expect fantastic results faster and more comfortably. 

    Although you’ll get the best custom treatment plan, you can also expect affordable treatment. So, you can stay in budget and get a perfect smile to show off for life.

    For our Allendale friends, you’re just minutes away from our convenient, high-tech Paramus location. Thus, you get access to the best care and the latest technologies. Importantly, you can expect results months faster with the most advanced braces in the area.

    Start Showing Off a Perfect Smile In Less Time

    Modern braces aren’t like they used to be. They’re sleeker so you won’t have that ‘metal mouth’ look. Notably, you can choose clear options that rival Invisalign. Also, we offer a wider variety of braces than many orthodontists. Thus, you have the most options for treatment.

    With self-ligation technology, you can enjoy comfortable, efficient treatment. For example, Damon braces use high-technology shape-memory wires that apply less pressure and don’t require elastics. However, they work faster and generally require fewer office visits for adjustments.

    See more about the many types of modern braces available to you at Milestone Orthodontics here. Of course, we also provide clear aligners like Invisalign. At Milestone, you get the best custom treatment plan and more choices for treatment.

    Robotic and 3D Technology for the Best Experience

    For both Invisalign and braces, we use the latest technologies to provide a better experience and results. Unlike most orthodontists, we provide SureSmile robotic technology to fit braces to your smile precisely. 

    Now, you can expect incredible results faster, with fewer office visits! However, you’ll still stay in budget. See more about this exciting tech here.

    On the other hand, we also utilize the latest 3D technology with Invisalign. With our iTero Element scanner, we get exacting scans of your teeth in seconds. Plus, you don’t need to have yucky goop in your mouth anymore. Even better, you can get a preview of what your smile will look like at completion. It’s a great motivator as you begin your journey!

    These are just a couple of the technologies we use to provide the best experience for you.

    Below, see more about Propel VPro, which can accelerate your treatment and make it more comfortable.


    Get Started for Free Without Leaving Home

    At Milestone Orthodontics, we always want you to have the most convenience. Thus, we offer a free Virtual Smile Assessment

    Virtual consultations allow you to get started without leaving home. Keep in mind, it takes minutes, and you’ll get a free assessment from an orthodontist with three decades of experience.

    Find out everything you need to know about ‘braces treatment Allendale NJ.’ Learn if you’re a candidate for braces or Invisalign. Also, learn about affordable financing, how long treatment takes, and much more.

    Get started right now by clicking here. Just follow the simple video instructions to submit some pictures of your smile.

    Contact us anytime at (201) 845-8411 for our Paramus office, or (973) 325-1777 for West Orange. 

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