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  • 5 Reasons To Consider Braces or Invisalign to Transform Your Smile

    This time, we look at 5 reasons to consider braces or Invisalign.

    From around age seven to adults of all ages, orthodontic treatment, including braces or Invisalign, can transform smiles. Today, both treatments are advanced, discreet, more comfortable, and efficient. Along with other new technologies, treatment can be considerably faster than in the past.

    At Milestone Orthodontics, everyone in the Essex County NJ area has access to award-winning treatment from Dr. Matthew Milestone. With over 30 years of experience, you can expect the best custom treatment plans and outstanding results. Even better, our affordable financing plans fit your budget.

    Now, let’s look at 5 reasons to consider braces or Invisalign.

    5 Reasons to Consider Braces or Invisalign

    There are many reasons to consider orthodontic treatment, but perhaps the biggest reason is your health.

    1 – Braces or Invisalign Can Significantly Improve Oral Health

    By aligning your teeth and jaws, orthodontic treatment can improve your oral health. 

    For example, early treatment has many advantages for kids from age seven and up.

    • Creating room for crowded, erupting teeth
    • Creating facial symmetry through influencing jaw growth
    • Reducing the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
    • Preserving space for unerupted teeth

    Also, treatment can reduce the need for tooth removal or more extensive treatment later in life. 

    For adults, braces or Invisalign can help you avoid many oral health concerns, such as:

    • Tooth decay and wear
    • Losing teeth and resulting bone loss
    • Negative changes to one’s appearance
    • Jaw pain and TMJ symptoms
    • Difficulty chewing, breathing, speaking
    • Gum disease and related problems

    In addition, our patients get a huge boost to self-esteem, and confidence = priceless.

    2 – Braces or Invisalign are Affordable

    Today, braces or Invisalign are affordable, with flexible financing from a top Essex County, NJ orthodontist, Dr. Milestone. For example, we offer 0% in-house financing for Invisalign and braces. 

    For those with insurance, our friendly team will help you get the most from any benefits you may have. We work with a wide variety of insurance plans, as you can see here.

    Considering all the benefits of orthodontic treatment, it’s well worth the investment. Over a lifetime, you will continue to benefit from a beautiful, healthy smile.

    3 – Braces or Invisalign is Better Than Ever

    Today, braces are much better than in the past. Now, you can choose clear Damon Clear braces that are almost as discreet as Invisalign. Due to an advanced bracket system, Damon braces tend to be more comfortable and efficient. Plus, you won’t need as many adjustments.

    At Milestone Orthodontics, we offer Suresmile robotic technology for braces. Now, you can get the most precise, comfortable treatment and faster results.

    Dr. Milestone is a  VIP Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider. (The highest level of experience possible.) As such, he has treated thousands successfully with Invisalign. So, you can be sure you’re getting the best custom plan and amazing results. 

    With Invisalign, you can take out the aligners and enjoy your favorite foods throughout treatment. 

    Before treatment, Dr. Milestone will assess your smile and work with you to design the best custom plan. 

    4 – Braces or Invisalign Transforms All Kinds of Smiles

    Orthodontic treatment can transform all kinds of smiles, including:

    • Overbites
    • Overlap
    • Underbites
    • Openbites

    Along with these misalignments called malocclusions, we can also treat crowding and spacing issues.

    So, if you’re wondering if treatment can perfect your smile, chances are it can! Please, check out our reviews to see how treatment has transformed lives in Essex County, NJ.

    5 –  Consider the Cost of Not Getting Started

    As noted, adults can benefit from braces or Invisalign at any age. Today, a large percentage of our patients are adults ready to improve their greatest asset – their smile.

    After putting off care for years, they can improve their personal appearance, self-esteem, and oral health. 

    For those who are waiting, consider the cost of not getting started. Each year, malocclusions and oral health issues can worsen if left untreated. If left for too long, then oral health may decline, requiring restorative or cosmetic dental care. 

    By getting started, you can avoid worsening oral health and enjoy the beautiful smile you deserve.

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