10 Things That Will Make You Smile In Bergen and Essex County NJ -
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  • 10 Things That Will Make You Smile In Bergen and Essex County NJ

    Van Saun County Park: A wonderful place to escape to on beautiful summer days. A spot that will make you and your whole family smile. Home to the Bergen County Zoological Park. There is a bicycle trail as well.

    Overpeck County Park: Another scenic summertime getaway. With 811 acres to offer, there are great spots to host a picnic, kick back and relax, or explore some of the local scenery.

    Wave Hill Public Gardens: A 28-acre estate which consists of gardens and a cultural center. Set alongside the slopes of the Hudson River, this area gives way to some spectacular views of more than just horticulture. Take guided walks or enjoy freely.

    Brookdale Park: Offers some lush green vegetation as well as an archery range! Something different if you want to spend some time practicing your shot. 121 acres gives plenty of room for those of all skill levels. Just remember, safety first!

    Montclair Art Museum: Located just a few miles to the west of New York City, this museum first opened in 1914. Since then visitors and spectators of art have come from all around to take part in this cultural experience. 

    Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary: Here you can take up some bird watching, and appreciate some of the abundant beauty found here on earth. There are trails and teaching moments available to you and your family.

    Bergen County Zoo: Experience and appreciate many diverse animals right in your backyard. Rotating events and exhibits make every time a new experience.

    General Grant National Memorial: Otherwise known as Grant’s Tomb. This is where the 18th president of the United States rests. Located in Manhattan, New York, this historic site welcomes visitors from Bergen and Essex County. A very large mausoleum. 

    The Newark Museum: This is New Jersey’s largest museum and is home to great art from all over the world. Definitely some fun and intriguing sights to make anyone who appreciates pieces of history smile.

    South Mountain Reservation: A rather untouched bit of land to experience. Definitely enough room to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. More of a hiking trail than somewhere to get lost for an afternoon. Definitely worth checking out on a nice sunny day!

    Milestone Orthodontics compiled this list of things that will make you smile in Bergen and Essex County. While you are out doing what you love, we are doing the same! Milestone Orthodontics doesn’t want to just see our patients smile, we want to make you smile. When our community comes together, we can all smile a little more. For any and all orthodontic needs, or for help perfecting your smile, you can get in contact with us here. We offer superior orthodontic care to maximize your smile this summer.